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The Simple Truth Is No Longer A Secret

Five Secrets To Selling Your Home Agents Do Not Want You To Know Because Selling Your Home By Owner In Less Than 90 Days Is Easy. Take It From A Former Los Angeles Agent.

The Five Agent Secrets

Secret 1.) 95% of homes sell locally. 2.) Agents use local Sunday Classified Ads. For the convenience of viewing homes without driving, pictures are placed on the Internet and in grocery store books. 3.) Agents list your home for 8 to 15% more than it will sell for, or they would not get the listing. 4.) It takes Six to Seven months to sell the average home 5.) At the end of the Contract period agents bring offers 8 to 15 % below listing price. Homeowner is tired, takes offer and pays agent 6%.

The Five By Owner Secrets

You can probably sell in 90 days and save 6% by following these simple steps. Step 1.) Place Pictures of your home in our system. 2.) Do a local Sunday only newspaper classified ad, with price for even more traffic. 3.) Price your home at the price you desire. 4) Watch your hit counter we will place at the bottom of your home page. 5.) When the shopping public likes the price of your home in the Classified Ad they will visit your home page. When your home page receives 30 or more visits per week get ready to move.

As a former agent in Los Angeles the For Sale By Owner Advantage management has witnessed these events occur routinely and can tell you it works if you wish to sell your home with or without an agent.





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